Keys to Energizing the Publisher Data Market

Oct 07, 2010 - Krux Digital - 0
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Eric Porres, CMO of Lotame Solutions, offers a terrific piece in AdAge today.  His focus in on publishers’ willingness to sell data – or lack thereof.  It’s a great piece and worth the read.

We’re delighted to see such a vibrant industry dialogue emerging.  And this topic in particular begs a re-post from our co-founder and CEO Tom Chavez.  He had a related post back in the summer on the critical needs publishers are facing.  It serves as a terrific companion to Eric’s editorial.

Increasingly, digital media publishers’ hierarchy of data needs is coming into focus.  You can’t monetize an asset over which you don’t assert full ownership and control – and that’s being leaked or pilfered one speckle at a time.   So, in addition to just wanting to do the right thing in terms of consumer privacy, publishers have a natural business incentive to first protect their data.

At Krux, we’re committed to helping publishers with management and then monetization, in that order, and that’s the thrust of our platform module release cycle.  But again, our view is that website operators need to attack the data protection issue first.  It’s the right thing for their business, consumers, regulators, legislators – everyone, really.

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