Increased Focus on Privacy Protection

Oct 06, 2010 - Krux Digital - 0
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As reported widely, and by David Kaplan of paidContent here, many companies, including Better Advertising, are collaborating with players across the industry to extend greater transparency and control to the consumer as relates to data collection and its use in support of behavioral targeting.

While behavioral targeting is considered crucial by the industry to drive online revenues higher, the marketers and publishers are concerned by what could come out of Washington D.C. A recent series of articles by the WSJ highlighted consumers’ fears about the use of cookies and other methods of tracking largely oblivious internet users and stoking fears about privacy issues.

This reflects the trend of consumers recognizing the inherent value of their digital signatures. Similarly, it reflects an industry coming together to ensure all parties are operating in the plain light of day. And while the consumer-focused solutions are of incredible importance, there is another weighty class of issues facing publishers.

Increasingly, publishers are looking for new ways to prevent data skimming and data theft, to find a new class of technology services to protect data privacy and thwart data piracy. It’s on this premise that Krux Digital was founded, providing an end to end platform to safeguard, manage, and make responsible use of consumer data signatures.

For publishers and consumers alike, this new class of infrastructure is critical as, collectively, we prepare for digital media’s data-driven future.

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