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Jan 09, 2011 - Krux Digital - 0
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John Ebbert posted a terrific article Thursday that completely missed my radar until the weekend catch-up, where he draws parallels between a dispute between American Airlines and Orbitz and similar channel management conflicts in the online marketing arena. The story centers on data, not surprisingly.

I’ve excerpted one of the cheekier passages below. And his assertion (below) that transactional brands could be well served by bringing a e-marketing technology business in-house? Well, that’s kinda analogous to what the agency holding companies have done with trading desks, DSPs, and the like, no?

Read this. There are important lessons here.

And though I can hear some airline CMOs and others involved in highly transactional e-Commerce businesses choking on their caesar’s salad when listening to the following, they could get in a whole bunch of businesses by having an e-marketing technology company in-house.

Data generated from the purchase of tickets – or even visiting a website with registration hooks – will inform beyond travel intent. And, with first-party data appended, things get very interesting.

As always, the key for these companies who truly want to knock it out of the park and leverage the power of their data will be finding a way to partner with consumers and provide them significant value. Continued success depends on shiny, gold-plated brands that stand for trust. Airlines need consumers coming back to buy tickets.

With leaner and meaner airlines, selling direct could decrease the number of travelers for a carrier as reach is impacted negatively, but the bottom line could go up as revenue per traveler increases and data’s potential is fully realized.

For transactional brands, it’s time to put up walls, but stay connected.

Thanks, Mr. Ebbert.

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