big ideas on big data - geeks@krux at it again

Jan 17, 2012 - - 0
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Krux's own Jos Boumans had the distinct honor and privelege of presenting at PuppetConf, one of the preeminent events focused on the operation and configuration management for cloud computing infrastructure. 

Jos gave a talk there about how Krux runs front-end serving infrastructure out of AWS, how we scale it, and what best practices we've uncovered for deployment that prevent those dreaded 2 AM failure phone calls.  (We're pleased to announce that Jos sleeps like a baby.  Every night.)

In short, he shares wit and wisdom about how to wring magic from the cloud.  Being able to store information in someone else's data environment is one thing.  Being able to operate in that environment with speed, scalability, and reliablility that meets or exceeds that of folks like Twitter and Netflix is another thing entirely.

Here at Krux, we loves us some Jos.  We're lucky to have him, and we're delighted to share his insights with you all. 

Jos in all his charming glory can be viewed here, strutting the mainstage and making us all feel smarter. 

Slides from the presentation can be viewed here, without the distraction of Jos' handsome mug and stirring onstage presence. 

Special thanks to the fine folks at Puppet Labs for making these materials available. 

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