agencies, quants, hustlers, and hackers - a guide to digital media technology

Mar 16, 2011 - krux digital - 0
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This is maybe the best ad tech landscape overview since Kawaja introduced his now-infamous slide.  From GizaMetrics:

What I wanted to do in this post was look at the overall adtech landscape from a different perspective: who is building all this stuff? Something that has stuck with me over my last five years in online advertising is that all this technology bears the distinct influence of the founders and management running the startups creating it. I’ve grouped these people into the categories that make the most sense to me. I’d love to hear feedback from people who see additional groups or have alternative ways of looking at this industry.

Agencies, quants, hustlers, and hackers... which are you?  It's been my experience that it takes a lot of diversity to make a company fly, but there is no substitute for happy customers and code that works. Krux is fortunate to have plenty of both.  ;)

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