Adnetik introduces page indexing, contextulization

Mar 22, 2011 - Krux Digital - 0
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As AdWeek reported on Adnetik this morning...

The buy side has made yet another investment enabling smoother and smarter RTB/exchange buying, resulting in yet another chink in publishers' direct sale armor.  This is a perfectly logical move for a trading desk with Adnetik's heft.  

They are introducing a page indexing model that will automagically evaluate and rank pages on their quality, level of clutter, number ads, content, and the like.  

As for the Index itself, Adnetik has built a proprietary page evaluation tool, which according to CEO Ed Montes automatically assigns a set of values to Web pages based on factors such as their relative level of clutter, the number of ads they carry and the semantic nature of the page’s text. The idea is to filter out junky pages or sites—while creating massive lists of brand safe sites (in the millions) that should help make client feel more comfortable with exchange, real-time buying model. Brands can also create custom indexes based on whatever factors matter most to them.

“We don’t know of any other [agency trading desk] that can do this besides us,” said Montes.

The purported benefits seem sensible enough - enable efficient ways to reach the right audiences without cookies (read:  privacy-friendly) and ensure premium content sees its share of ad dollar allocation and site-appropriate prices (read: smarter buying dressed up as something publisher-friendly).  

For the typical premium publisher, this is important for two reasons.   It introduces yet another way in which the buy side is getting to know their audiences and inventory better than they, and it introduces another arrow in the exchange/RTB quiver by rendering the all-important advisory component of direct sales a little less important.  

It could be a net gain for the RTB ecosystem - Adnetik in particular, but, publishers and website operators beware...   

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