Krux Builds Header Bidding Designed for Data Transactions

General Sep 17, 2016

Krux's new header bidding solution streamlines the process of putting data to work and helps marketers and publishers bypass fees.


Check out the September 9, 2016 AdExchanger article, Krux Builds Header Bidding Designed for Data Transactions.

Krux works with 150+ premium publishers, and more than 70 of the world’s top advertisers, and we’ve seen first-hand the quality of people data both sides can bring to the table. That’s why we created a platform where publishers can securely license and syndicate their people data, and where advertisers can purchase it, with full transparency into its quality, data collection mechanisms, and more.

But since buyers mainly purchase data with the intent to use it as part of a marketing initiative, we’ve streamlined how they can acquire data and media in the same place.

Header bidding is the ideal mechanism for facilitating such data-driven private marketplace transactions, since most publishers already have Krux infrastructure in their page headers.

And as our COO, Michael Moreau points out, “When you attach media to data, and you cut out all the people in the middle that are taking a fee, you get strong performance.”

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