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How it Works

Krux’s cloud-based infrastructure helps websites capture, control, and connect consumer data signatures across screens and sources.  With the Krux Audience Data Control platform, companies put that data to work delivering safer, smarter, cooler, faster web experiences.  Krux Apps builds on this, adapting components of our platform for smaller operators with a focus on friction-free adoption and ease-of-use. 

It provides a suite of solutions that help websites:

  • deliver faster pages and safer web experiences
  • identify, understand, and engage with their most valuable users, and
  • drive more revenue from advertising.

With Krux Apps, we bring the efficiency and scalability of cloud-based consumer data management to a group of operators who have been - to date anyway - underserved by the Cloud and Big Data revolutions sweeping the web.  

“With the Krux Apps launch, we continue to make good on our promise to help anyone with a website deliver experiences that are cooler, safer, faster, and smarter.  Consumer web data challenges are not unique to big digital media players, and with the Krux Apps launch, we’re enabling the broadest possible access to solutions all operators need to survive and thrive.” 

-Tom Chavez, co-founder & CEO, Krux


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