About Krux

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web. The company's platform helps websites protect, manage, and monetize data across all digital screens and sources. With Krux, companies deliver cooler, safer, faster, smarter web experiences. With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite websites are operating under the plain light of day.

Dozens of website operators in the US, Europe, and Asia have adopted Krux technology, including companies like NBC Universal, Sanoma, The New York Times, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. Through its diverse community of clients and partners, Krux helps improve web experiences for more than 1.6B Internet users worldwide. Krux is privately held, with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, London, Singapore & Sydney.

Want to join the Krux team?
If you're a thrill seeker who likes solving impossible problems with interesting people, we should probably talk. Send us a note introducing yourself, along with your resume. You might also check out our careers page.

What We Do

Krux delivers cloud-based consumer data solutions through a combination of Big Data and proprietary algorithms.

We make web pages faster and site management more efficient.

We help websites detect and prevent skimming and theft of consumer cookie data.

We create an intelligent system of engagement to help websites organize and understand the billions of data points their users generate

Most importantly, we turn analysis into action to help large and small websites drive more valuable advertising, more relevant content, and more effective commerce.

The Big Idea

Krux was founded with the conviction that real-time consumer data, responsibly collected and managed, will one day oxygenate not just advertising, but also content, commerce, collaboration, teaching, healing, inventing, building, negotiating, and learning.

The Internet's first wave centered on the flow of bits, bytes, keywords, texts, email, and digital content of all kinds. The next wave is about knowledge and discovery, energized by intelligent, always-on services that make sense of the flood of data flowing across IP-enabled devices.

Krux is building a pervasive power grid for the internet that intelligently, safely connects consumer web data on a just-in-time basis to events, places, and devices where it can drive more productive, valuable experiences for users.