The Path to
People Data Activation

Krux helps companies put data to work to orchestrate breakthrough brand experiences, deepen consumer engagement, and drive business results. Having evolved well beyond its DMP roots, Krux now serves as the Intelligent Marketing Hub, a data decision system that helps marketers, media companies, and agencies drive more relevant, more valuable media, content, and commerce interactions.

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Krux enables the capture and recall of 100% of people data, 100% of the time.

Krux is no-limits, helping you connect with consumers in real-time across all screens and channels.

Krux is a neutral, pure-play platform with no conflicts of interest. Krux just does data.

Krux Customers

3x Conversion Rate!

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“The Krux platform and its solutions team are proving instrumental in enabling our data strategy, and helping us deliver richer, more relevant consumer brand experiences. This continued success only serves to validate our decision to adopt Krux’s technology platform, and we applaud Krux for its long-term vision and continued leadership in the data management sector.”

Krux gives us the technology firepower to capture what women are telling us about their desires, affinities and aspirations, make sense of it, and then take action using it across screens and platforms. Krux plays a critical role in assisting us in delivering meaningful experiences to women across all life stages, and more valuable media results for our marketing partners.

Krux has proven that it’s more than just a technology vendor — the Krux team is truly a partner, working with BBC Worldwide on a regular basis to drive even higher advertising results.