The Path to
People Data Activation

starts with unifying your people data from disparate sources into a single view, then providing valuable experiences tailored to each individual. Iterative learning and always-on, intelligent awareness drive increasingly granular personalization. The result: game-changing customer experiences and business ROI.

Krux next-gen DMP delivers on the promise and premise of People Data Activation.

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Krux enables the total view, recall and capture of 100% of people data

Real-time 1:1 engagement at the right time, on the right screen and at the right frequency

Krux is a neutral, pure-play DMP with no conflicts of interest

Krux Customers

6x Return on Investment!

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The future of marketing is data-driven, and we think of Krux as our control center for data-driven marketing at Kellogg's. Krux offers the most compelling combination of actionable insights, differentiated technology and future-proofing for tomorrow's high velocity marketing challenges.

Krux gives us the technology firepower to capture what women are telling us about their desires, affinities and aspirations, make sense of it, and then take action using it across screens and platforms. Krux plays a critical role in assisting us in delivering meaningful experiences to women across all life stages, and more valuable media results for our marketing partners.

Through our partnership with Krux, we’re able to deliver the highest quality ad exchange in the industry, giving publishers more control, higher CPMs, and the greatest level of data protection available.